Social Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility

The habit of only focusing on only profitability for the shareholders has gradually changed during the last 30 years. Larger corporations are now spending a lot of money on noble causes such as clean energy, environment, carbon footprints, and supporting organizations that are making spirited efforts towards the achievement of poverty eradication and equitable distribution of resources in the world.

As Tinesda, we are making spirited efforts to increase our participation in our communities by helping the marginalized population in our society. We have launched initiatives to donate garments and food items to those in need.

We are also hiring people in our communities monthly. It is contrary to the common practice of doing so on a daily or hourly basis. In our opinion, this will help our employees plan their lives and those of their families more easily. We have also added a 10 minute in the morning and afternoons to enable our workers to rest.

As part of our corporate responsibility, we have taken active steps towards the betterment of the community. These are highlighted below:

We have supplied shirts for a school

We have also donated masks to Rickshaw drivers who could not afford them. A total of 500 masks were donated.

The covid-19 global pandemic has disrupted many livelihoods, and we have responded by donating food packages to 150 families.

We value the importance of togetherness, hence we do not celebrate alone, and therefore we always invite staff for birthday parties.

We also engage other stakeholders in the community so that we discuss the approaches we can take to give assistance where it is needed the most. The coronavirus plight has had devastating effects in Bangladesh, therefore, such discussions are always crucial is we are to alleviate the changes that are being faced by the communities. However, we are still a small company, which means resources have to be earned before they can be given away.