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Production of pinted items near you.

Germany, UK, USA, Canada, Australia/New Zealand. Customers living there are offered the products printed in their country, other countries will receive it either from the European Union, the USA or China.

International Delivery

If you do not live in the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, you can order all products in the list as well, however we will send the items as “free delivery” and pay for transportation, but you need to handle the customs clearance yourself.

 All in all please select your country first and see what we can offer printed and delivered from your countries producer. You will have short delivery times and if there would be a complaint, easier to fix it.


You can order all sizes according to our Standard size Chart.  The size chart is visible in the product page and you can click on it to find the size chart.

After studying the size chart you may not agree with inseam measurements. You either like the jeans ankle height, covering your shoes or you want to turn up the cuff upwards like authentic Jeans wear, that means you need to change inseam. You pick your size and confirm this but you add or you deduct a certain amount of inches from or to the measurement you ordered. If you like shorter choose

-.5 inch or more and if you like the legs longer select + quantity from 0.5 to 3 inches. 0.5 inches are

1.25 cm and maximum 3 inches 7.6 cm

Price will be the same for the adjustments. These are reasons to use JeansDream, so that you can get what you really need.

This function you can use for all our trouser items including overall etc., shorts, etc., to get the version you prefer

Should there be more items you wish to change, then send us a mail and give us your wishes and we produce the product Made to Measure or Bespoke, as we do not want unhappy customers

You should know that whatever wishes you have, JeansDream makes the dream come true. Only send us and email to

Button colors

Furthermore we offer 4 different colors, see those in the product description and choose the button color you want.

The jeans colors, the Fits and the sizes are standard in the product pages.


We offer all jackets in different body length.

Ladies have 4 measurements, men 2. the shortest  jacket ends where the ribs end, the medium size reaches to the belly button, the standard size ends at the waist belt of the jeans and long style ends at half zipper length. So when you order the jackets you choose ladies 1,2,3,4 and men’s 3 or 4




Please read all the product information carefully. We try to give you the correct and honest information about all our products, so that you will trust us in the future orders, that all is 100% true.

We offer all goods in certain countries including Europe, Efta, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand free delivered to your home, including VAT and freight, so the price you get on our website is including all those costs, so you do not need to calculate what might the cost be when it arrives.

We have warehouse in Germany where all the items are delivered to and distributed to all customers, Duties and Vat are already paid. The products we are talking about are all Jeans and denim products, shirts and other accessories. 

Shipping time: All our products are produced after you order those, that means we need some time for production because it is Made to Order. You need to calculate arrival time for about 4 weeks. Some items will be faster like printed T shirts, but all products delivered through Germany warehouse will take about that time, sometimes faster. This is the honesty part. We do not want to brag and promise short delivery times only to get the orders and then have dissatisfied customers, we want a long-lasting relationship, where you know what you can except.

We are working with some designers, who support us with giving their designs to us to market and will receive commission, that is why prices for those items are slightly higher.

We are a bespoke factory and therefore are able to produce your sizes. If you can not find the right size for you, please measure yourself and give us all information, send us by email and we will produce the perfect size for you, you only order one similar item online, pay and we are watching out for this order and replace this with your measurements. We add only 10 dollars for extra work and pattern making to the cost.

We produce only classic production, meaning jeans fabric with fabric washing. No fashion styles. We know the fabric will lose color when used, holes you can cut yourself in and do not need to pay a lot of money for other people to do. We offer original indigo blue, dark blue, which is nearly the same color, medium blue or navy color, light blue, black and grey.

We will send out news letters with updated information on our products, changes, news and other interested articles. If you are interested please, subscribe.


Our price policy is simple. We want the customer to know that our prices are honest and affordable. We pay Freight for all goods offered, we pay the Duty for all items from China or Bangladesh and we pay VAT to the tax collection authorities in all countries we work in.  Our customer will understand that we can not pay, 12 % duty, 19-25% VAT in Europe, Courier freight to Europe and freight to the customers address, paying  for logistics and handling services without charging a decent amount of money to support our operation. What does our customer gets in return?

Our JeansDream products are made to order, customer selection variations for each product is over 20,000 variations per product. Where else can you change your inseam to the measurement you like? Where can you change the Jacket length to your own choice? Where can you get additional Bespoke varieties of Denim products and where else can get exceptional service to change orders, colors designs etc. All this we offer to get a customer base of those who appriciat our efforst and are prepared to pay  our Prices, which are not high and also not low, we can not compete with Massproduction and do not need to compete with brand items who can charge 1000 dollar for a pair of jeans. We are looking for customers for life and will do anything to make the customer happy.


Ro London

RO LONDON isn’t just a brand, it’s also the story of a Wildlife Crusader, a socially dedicated Australian designer, environmentalist, and artist who believes in creating awareness of endangered species through fashion; after all, isn’t fashion a statement of what is happening in our world today? Ro is admired for her creativity, originality, and her exceptional inspirational universe to help raise needed funds for the preservation of our wildlife.
Ro's unique designs, all of the endangered species are highly colourful, exotic, finely detailed figurative wildlife motifs printed on opulent silks noted for their exceptional lustre, texture and striking colours. The finished products are the nature paintings where this imaginary world comes to life. Handmade drawings with a soulful quality are transformed into printed fabrics, all the materials and each phase of the process are exclusively and rigorously made to perfection. 
Ro travels far and wide to research endangered species natural habitat to capture their true essence in each of her designs. It began in 1999 with a visit to Treasure Island, Fiji, after which she soon commissioned her dear artist friend, Ronald Chambers, to paint the endangered green turtle. In the years since, her desire for knowledge has taken Ro on expeditions around the globe, volunteering at numerous wildlife sanctuaries in search of the intricate details that make up her distinctive designs, in turn, raising funds to support all animals in peril, need, and nearing extinction.

Ro London N.Y.S.I.D is a former elite gymnast and diver who studied at the New York School of Interior Design. Ro established Timeless Interiors in Sydney and soon after moved to the Gold Coast to open a substantial showroom working as a commercial interior designer. She later studied Veterinary Science in Brisbane. In 1999 Ro pioneered wildlife wearable art with her Sacred Fish Collections to help support many animal charities.




Pamela Ferrari is a painter and designer. A childhood year spent in Rome with her sculptor father, decorator mother and 6 siblings pointed her toward her destiny to live in Italy for 32 years. Together with her Florentine husband, she restored a 1000-year-old guard tower and a 15th century farmhouse. Their children helped pick olives and grapes to press their own oil and wine. In Italy, celebration is a way of life, a daily enjoyment.

Everything Pamela creates, from pasta to paintings, is influenced by color and travel. Pamela uses her collections of ceramic and fabrics to create a unique tables cape for family Sunday lunches or larger parties. Pamela has transported her whimsical inimitable style to NY and East Hampton, where she now lives.

If there are any questions from your side, reach out to