About Our Designers

Designer Ro LondonRO LONDON isn’t just a brand, it’s also the story of a Wildlife Crusader, a socially dedicated Australian designer, environmentalist and artist who believes in creating awareness of endangered species through fashion; after all isn’t fashion a statement of what is happening in our world today? Ro is admired for her creativity, originality and her exceptional inspirational universe to help raise needed funds for the preservation of our wildlife.

Ro's unique designs, all of endangered species are highly colourful, exotic, finely detailed figurative wildlife motifs printed on opulent silks noted for their exceptional lustre, texture and striking colours. The finished products are the nature paintings where this imaginary world comes to life. Handmade drawings with a soulful quality are transformed into printed fabrics, all the materials and each phase of the process are exclusively and rigorously made to perfection. 
Ro travels far and wide to research endangered species natural habitat to capture their true essence in each of her designs. It began in 1999 with a visit to Treasure Island, Fiji, after which she soon commissioned her dear artist friend, Ronald Chambers, to paint the endangered green turtle. In the years since, her desire for knowledge has taken Ro on expeditions around the globe, volunteering at numerous wildlife sanctuaries in search of the intricate details that make up her distinctive designs, in turn raising funds to support all animals in peril, need and nearing extinction.

Ro London N.Y.S.I.D is a former elite gymnast and diver who studied at the New York School of Interior Design. Ro established Timeless Interiors in Sydney and soon after moved to the Gold Coast to open a substantial showroom working as a commercial interior designer. She later studied Veterinary Science in Brisbane. In 1999 Ro pioneered wildlife wearable art with her Sacred Fish Collections to help support many animal charities.


 Volunteering at The Giant Pandas of Wolong, China

Volunteering at The Phnom Tamao Bear Wildlife Rescue Centre, Cambodia

Galapagos Isles

Ann van Dyke Cheetah Centre, South Africa

Volunteering at The Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Volunteering at The Agra Bear Rescue Facility, India